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Why a well-designed workspace matters



The average person spends one-third of their life at work.  Creating an engaging workspace for your employees isn't just a matter of being on trend, it’s about maximising the experience for them so that their full potential can be released to the benefit of your company. It may sound simplistic but happy employees are productive employees.……..


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Accent on a new finding service

Screenshot 2019 08 14 at 111214


As well as designing and installing new office environments one of our key roles is sourcing furniture to fit the new space. It’s one of our most interesting challenges because we often have to secure fairly large numbers of items taking into consideration the design brief and the manufacturers lead in times to meet our construction program; after all a newly refurbished office with no task chairs is not what the client wants……..


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Back to the Future Flooring

IN HP Etrusco Silencio xf2 14894036 001


Those of a certain vintage may just about remember the chronically old-fashioned floor covering linoleum best recalled for its curled up edges, slightly sticky feel and its many indentations caused by stiletto heels. And you wouldn’t be alone in thinking that as an internal design element, it’s about as likely to make a comeback as the 3 bar electric fire.


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Brand association

Table 02 1


Well imagine my surprise when I opened up a design magazine this week to read that the US homeware retailer Pottery Barn is introducing a range of furnishing items inspired by the hugely popular TV show Friends.


I wasn’t surprised by the association itself. I was never the greatest fan but saw enough shows to remember Rachel getting an apothecary table from the Barn (whilst claiming she’d discovered it at a flea market) and then Ross describing how he’d bought some bed linen at the store. I also recall Rachel and Monica browsing through the PB catalogue whilst on the sofa at their favourite café Central Perk. In fact It was pretty common knowledge at the time that the production company were happy to incorporate product placement investment to help offset those eye-watering $1m per cast member per episode salaries.

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Design things I like: The Cartoon Museum

sam jacob cartoon museum london wells street dezeen 2364 col 8


I’ve been meaning to pop in and visit The Cartoon Museum which has just been re-launched at 63 Wells Street in London. Then just this week I was looking thorough some of the shortlisted candidates in the Dezeen Awards for outstanding architecture, interiors and architecture when I came across the nominated design work for the museum led by Sam Jacob Studio. Quite brilliantly they have used the exaggerated language of cartoons and comics as inspiration for the new environment.


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