Location: London, W1
Program: 5 weeks
Size: 4,500 Sq ft
Value: £325,000.00

Services: design, partitions, data cabling, electrical, mechanical, decorations, floor coverings, lighting,  furniture


The project for the Search Works included the design, fit out and furnishing of the additional floor with new lighting, bomb blast window film, floor coverings, decorations, upgrade of WC accommodation, electrical and data cabling. In addition, new furniture was supplied to the client by Blue Fig. This was one of Blue Figs first projects and was secured following a project undertaken by Peter for the company some years before. This project involved continued expansion by the Search Works into the Ground Floor of a building they partly occupied in W1. As a leading exponent in internet search and target marketing, the company was subsequently taken over by Trade Doubler who also became a client of Blue Figs with the design and fit out of 11,000 sq ft on the 23rd floor of a building in SW1.